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It has been claimed that advertising is the principal reason for a successful business. In my opinion, it is not only through advertising that will bring a business to the top, but also through the quality of its products or services service marketing essay questions will help maintain its prosperity.

Certainly, marketing and promotion creates a huge impact on selling products or services. To begin, effective advertising creates brand awareness to the public especially target consumers. Through mass service marketing essay questions and other ways of promotion, new and unknown companies establish themselves in the market and attract consumers who might want to try their product or services.

Furthermore, advertising reminds customers of established companies of their existing products as well as new special offers. This helps companies be the first option and may increase customer loyalty.

However, quality also plays a vital role in a successful business. After all, no matter how popular the product or services are by using marketing and promotion, if they are of poor standards then consumers cannot trust the company.

In particular, most consumers are quality conscious, therefore, they will look for an alternative brand that will satisfy their standards.

Service marketing essay questions

Moreover, quality consistency relatively builds brand credibility that helps in maintaining loyalty from the consumers so they will continue to purchase from the company in the future. However, quality also plays a vital role Discourse Markers used: ['also', 'but', 'first', 'furthermore', 'however', 'if', 'look', 'may', 'moreover', 'so', 'then', 'therefore', 'thus', 'well', 'after all', 'in conclusion', 'in particular', 'as well as', 'in my opinion'].

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Regulations of business like industrial licensing, restrictions on growth, takeovers, mergers etc; restrictions on foreign remittances, repatriations etc. Stability of the national currency is another very important consideration in the market selection, there should not be undue fluctuations in currency value.

For industrial growth political stability is must. Political parties direct the industrial and foreign policy. Infrastructure facilities seriously affect business. It includes power supply, transportation facilities, telecommunication facilities, shipping and availability of fundamental service marketing essay questions. The nature and behaviour of the bureaucracy and the procedural system or styles are also important factors to be considered. The number of firms and market competition also influence on the market share and profitability therefore it must be considered before entering in a new market.

Promotion strategy for global marketing may change from one country to other, companies may run the same advertising and promotion campaigns used in the home market or service marketing essay them for each local market, a process called communication adaptation.

If it adapts both the product and the communication, the company engages in dual adaptation. Consider the message the company can change its message at four different levels. The company can use one message everywhere, varying only the language, name, and colours.

The use of media also requires international adaptation because media availability varies from country to country. India, Belgium, and France do not allow cigarettes and alcohol to be advertised on television. Saudi Arabia does not want advertisers to use women in ads. Marketers must also adapt sales-promotion techniques to different markets. Sales promotion techniques also depend on business law regulation authorities service marketing essay that country.

Pricing is a difficult task for multinationals as it is influenced by several factors like taxation, cost of production, size of market etc. Multinationals face several pricing problems when selling abroad.

They must deal with price escalation, transfer prices, dumping charges, and gray markets. When companies sell their goods abroad, they face a price escalation problem. Companies have three choices- Setting a uniform price everywhere setting a market-based price in each country and setting a cost-based price in each country. Setting of network of distribution and channel members is a difficult task especially in case of FMCG products. The second link, channels between nations, gets the products to the borders of the foreign nation.

The decisions made in this link include the types of intermediaries distributors, agents, trading companies that will be used, the type of transportation and the financing and risk arrangements. The third link, channels within foreign nations, gets review format products from their entry point to final buyers and users.

Another difference lies in the size and character of retail units abroad. Large-scale retail chains dominate services marketing essay U. Like in India, millions of retailers operate tiny shops or sell in open markets. In selecting products for global markets the firms should know that high profits can be earned by economies of scale. The local culture is under attack from external influences resulting in a more homogenous global culture.

Some products which are popular in Europe and US may not accept in other countries like beef burger in India is not acceptable by Indian customer as majority of customers belongs to Hindu religion. Cultural factors must be considered while launching a new product in new market. Marketing is socio-cultural centric, ethno-centric, geographical regions-centric, climate-and-time-centric, and effective demand-centric.

In monochronic easy-paced also known as M-time marketing the challenges are a few only. In polychronic T-time or fast-paced marketing there will have to be dynamic and constant adjustments for multi-sided marketing. Things produced in rural areas are generally processed in towns and cities. The same come back to rural areas. Things produced in rural areas can be exported as they are ofcourse but before that the urban operators have to process, produce and package them. Operations in rural areas cannot assume gigantic proportions.

Goods from international marketing can be sold in rural areas also e. Franchised marketing seldom reaches the rural areas; it remains concentrated to areas with very high income or purchasing power. Rural marketing is regular as well as irregular seasonal or sporadic. Initiative marketing is to get a foothold in rural areas. Then comes accelerating, developmental or stimulating marketing of selling more services marketing essay more.

Seasonal marketing is essentially reshuffled marketing………. All rural areas have synchronised peaking of marketing when it is not possible to sell more there. De-marketing is to discontinue marketing due to losses. Marketing is maximisation of use values for the buyers and of the exchange values for service marketing essay seller.

It is a process of indirectly equating demand and supply. Right commodities, goods and services reach the right persons at right prices and at right time. The increased purchasing power of rural customers has attracted the attention of urban marketers.

Essay about Service Marketing

After green revolution, the rural market started consuming a significant quantity of products manufactured in urban and industrial areas. Thus, the marketers have services marketing essay special marketing strategies to enter the rural market by offering the product in smaller quantities and promoting it in regional languages.

Further, these strategies emerged as a concept of rural marketing, which is different from agricultural marketing. Rural marketing involves the process of delivering products that are manufactured in urban areas to rural customers. However, agricultural marketing involves delivering agricultural products manufactured in rural areas to urban customers. For example, electronic gadgets are manufactured in urban areas and also delivered to rural areas. On the other hand, crops are manufactured in rural areas and delivered to urban areas.

In rural areas, the products are distributed through wholesalers, retailers, and unconventional distribution channels. For example, Hindustan Unilever used an service marketing essay channel, such as Shakti to widen the scope of distribution in rural areas.

Marketers need different strategies to enter the rural market. Client and Location Specific Promotion - It refers to the strategy designed to suit a particular location and clients.

Marketing essay questions

Joint or Cooperative Promotion - It implies that strategy involves participation between marketers and rural clients. Bundling of Inputs - It includes the sale of various related items to rural customers or clients by the marketers. It also includes after sale and credit arrangement services. Management of Demand - It includes continuous market research of needs and problems of buyers for continuous improvement and innovation to sustain in the market.

Developmental Marketing - It refers to writing research article improvement of marketing programs to achieve the organizational objectives. It involves managerial inputs to develop the market size of the organization. Unique Selling Proposition USP - It presents a unique services marketing essay of product to attract rural customers to buy the product.

Extension Services - It refers to provide additional services, such as providing training to rural customers to use the products. Partnership for Sustainability - It refers to utilize the relationship for long and continuous business with rural customers. Essay on Services Marketing: Service includes all economic activities whose output is not a physical product, is generally consumed at the time it is produced and provides added value in the form that are essentially intangible concerns of the purchaser.

The promotion of economic activities offered by a business to its clients may be termed as services marketing. Marketing of any act or performance that one party can offer to another party is essentially intangible. Physical goods and services services marketing essay be looked at in terms of benefits offered, as well as features and specific attributes services marketing essay with those benefits.

Service concept is based on levels relating to customer need-satisfactions, benefits and features, these levels are:. If a person is hungry, need is food and when a person buys insurance core benefit is security. A hungry customer may decide to visit a restaurant in order to satisfy their need for food.

They will expect a certain level of service to be offered - a range of items on the menu, for example, clean and good surroundings and prompt attention from staff. Similarly, the business customer will expect professional advice, expertise and practical help from an advertising agency or financial consultant. The expected service reflects standards required or expected by customers to satisfy their needs.

Services marketing essay

Augmenting the service offering, or making it better in some way, is the means by which service providers differentiate their offering in an attempt to influence consumer choice. Extra features, over and above the expected service, can be added to make the service more attractive to prospective consumers.

Good interior decoration, furniture, music and light in a restaurant are the example of augmented services. The augmented service is the way services marketing essay which service providers fine-tune the marketing mix to differentiate their service and make it stand out from service marketing essay competition.

The core service in a fast food business is food, expected services are hygiene environment, choice availability, prompt service, good delivery system and Augmented Services, are Exotic menu, Interior and exterior decoration, air conditioning, live music. There are mainly four characteristics of services:. It depends on various uncontrollable factors like mood swings of customers, climate, service executor etc.

Service marketers face marketing challenges which revolve around issues such as:. Keeping and dealing with promises made to the customers. The link between organisation and its customers is External Marketing. It represents the promises which organisations make services marketing essay their customer with reference to products or services they offer. Interactive Marketing - It is a process of keeping the promise made by the organisation to the customer along with delivery of a quality service to the customer.

Internal Marketing is the process that enables service marketers to deliver promises to customers. Through internal marketing the organisation reveals that both customers and the employees need to understand the promises made by the organisation.

People - People services marketing essay are directly or indirectly involved in the consumption of a service are an important part of the extended marketing mix. Knowledge workers, employees, management and customers often add significant value to the total service offering.

Service marketing essay - Procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities service marketing essay which services are consumed Customer management process is an essential element of the marketing strategy. Physical evidence - It is the ability and environment in which the service is delivered. It includes both tangible goods that help to communicate and perform the service, and the intangible experience of existing customers and the ability of the business to relay the customer satisfaction to potential customers.

Essay on Digital Marketing for Students: Internet and mobile technologies have revolutionized marketing, just like they have done with the other areas of our life. Digital marketing is getting rapidly popular. In fact, the boundary between traditional media like Newspapers, TV, Radio etc. New options, new ideas, new approaches, new solutions are coming daily, changing the existing scenario suddenly and drastically. Digital marketing uses Internet and mobile at the core of its functioning.

All marketing options or channels which use these technologies are part of digital marketing. This list is growing. To stay relevant in the current times, we must incorporate digital marketing in our overall marketing plan. It provides some distinct advantages. It facilitates a dialogue with the customer, allowing deeper engagement. Digital marketing is little technical. So, some expert help may be service marketing essay in successful implementation of a digital marketing initiative.

We may hire or outsource such an expert help. There are numerous channels available for digital marketing. We must choose the right channel or option which reaches our target customer and which is suitable and appropriate for our product or service. If our target customers are teenagers, we may consider social media, image sharing and chat sites and apps. If we dissertation english literature titles businesses, we should focus on search engines, video sharing, blogs etc.

We should establish our purpose, strategy, approach and budget for our digital marketing initiatives. If we are clear about why we are doing what we are doing, our digital marketing will be more effective. To establish a dialog and deeper relationship with our regular customers. Each channel requires a different approach, so it should be handled service marketing essay questions care.

Selection of search engine should be done based on its popularity among our target customer group. How and what you should post on one social media site may be different from the other.

How and what to put on our video channel may be different from what should we do in our blog. Digital marketing offers a lot of control to the company, but at the same time, it also exposes the company directly to the customers and general public. Digital marketing allows customers to directly interact with and react to the company. So, customer relationships should be handled very carefully and responsibly.

Briefly, the gap model states that an organization will improve its quality service and its services marketing…. Which of the seven elements of the Services Marketing Mix are addressed in this case? The following are some of the seven elements of the Services marketing Mix which are addressed in this case study; Product- A product refers to anything that is offered to the market in order to satisfy a need or want Kotler et.

C Tel: Ext: E-mail: rdliang npu. TablesChapter One Introduction 4 1. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Service Marketing Essay.

Show More. The flowchart will start with learn of option that services marketing essay offer especially Bank. After collect information about the company offer then, customer must select the best package or plan that security company offer such as cash management, electronic service system or other else.

After select the package customer must make a payment as the evidence to use those services. The service company also must prepare the complete printed documents to give customer make a references or as a guidelines. Besides that, there are several sequence that called as the internal task which are bank and service company agree on term of coverage and customer information entered in database before make a transactions.

Blueprinting services to create valued experiences and productive operations Blueprinting can define as the tool use to design new services or redesign existing ones. It is also as a guideline specifies in detail how a services process should be constructed and included details as to what is visible to the customer and where there are potential fail points in the services process.Babar 1 year ago Reply. Write A Comment Cancel Reply.

Essay on Importance of Marketing of Services

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Service marketing essay

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Do you think that marketing should be included as part of the sales organization within a company? Explain why or why service marketing essay. How does your selected organization use the different components of the marketing mix? How does the marketing mix…. This essay discusses how a healthcare organization such as a hospital would develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will allow them to stay competitive and keep growing.

Specifically this essay will cover the four Ps of marketing product,…. Include in your paper your personal definition of marketing and definitions from two different sources.

Based on these definitions, explain the importance of marketing in organizational…. All rights reserved.


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