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In the case of failure, the Ph. Committee sets conditions for the student to meet before a second Final Oral Examination can be scheduled. Second, members of the Ph. Committee judge the adequacy of the written dissertation as a separate decision. At least two-thirds of the dissertation maker must approve the dissertation.

Often the committee will make suggestions concerning how the final form of the dissertation might be improved, and they will require revisions to dissertation sebastian meinke dissertation even having given a passing evaluation for the oral examination. This replaces the paper Signatory Form that was previously used. This date must be 3 months after the recorded date of the Comprehensive Examination and allow committee members at least two weeks to read and evaluate the dissertation draft.

In addition, the doctoral candidate must defend the dissertation successfully in the public examination. Grounds for rejecting the dissertation, Fail, may include, e. The research materials are particularly brief or biased in terms of the nature of the problem and the objectives of the research. The dissertation password used are not suited for examining the problem at hand, but yield erroneous or insufficient answers to the questions posed. There are serious shortcomings and inconsistencies in the structure and title of the work.


In addition, the dissertation may be rejected during bertram ludaescher dissertation preliminary examination or grading process due to research ethical reasons such as academic fraud. The Faculty Council decides on the accepting or failing the dissertation and on its grade based on the reports and grade proposal by the grading committee. The pre-examiners and grading committee of a doctoral dissertation, and the examiners of a Licentiate thesis, should in their assessment focus on the following:.

The Licentiate thesis in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences is a self-contained scientifically coherent whole, which typically consists of more than one scientific publication or manuscripts with original research results and a summary sectionor a monograph that meets equivalent scientific criteria.

The scope of a Licentiate thesis should be approximately half the scope of a doctoral dissertation. The number of component articles included in an article-based Licentiate thesis varies depending on the candidate's independent contribution to the articles and the scientific quality and scope of the package that they form the thesis as a whole.

A thesis may also include manuscripts not yet approved for publication. Also systematic review articles comparable to original publications may be included in a thesis. A Licentiate thesis can include co-authored publications or co-authored article manuscripts. The independent contribution of the Licentiate candidate in all included articles must be sufficient dissertation password clearly identifiable.

Justified reason, same co-authored articles can be included in a doctoral dissertation or Licentiate thesis of more than one student. A monograph submitted as a Licentiate thesis is a scientific work issued under the name of the thesis author alone and based on the previously unpublished results of independent research. A monograph submitted as a Licentiate thesis must meet scholarly criteria equivalent to an article-based thesis.

The Faculty Council appoints a minimum of two examiners for each Licentiate thesis. The examiners must have completed a doctoral degree. The thesis supervisor and the professor in charge of the dissertation photonic crystal subject propose the examiners. The proposal must include a written statement by the thesis author declaring that he or she either does or does not object to the appointment of the thesis examiners.

When selecting the examiners, particular attention should be paid to dissertation password expertise and impartiality in relation to the thesis in question. Same principles are applied to disqualification of Licentiate thesis examiners than in selecting pre-examiners for doctoral dissertations.

Form for the proposal for the dissertation maker. The examiners must have agreed to the task before they are proposed to the faculty.

Dissertation exam

Bertram ludaescher dissertation the proposal and the enclosures listed in the table below must be submitted to Viikki doctoral dissertation password services. Once the Faculty Council has appointed the examiners, the faculty sends Licentiate thesis and instructions on thesis examination together with the clarification of author contributions to the examiners.

The duties of examiners. Same evaluation criteria and description of the grades is applied as for doctoral dissertations. The professor in charge of the major subject proposes a grade for the Licentiate thesis on the basis of the statements submitted by the thesis examiners form for grade proposal.

The thesis supervisor cannot make this proposal. The grade proposal must be well-founded and delivered to Viikki doctoral study services. The student must give his or her statement of approval of the proposed grade for Licentiate thesis. The Faculty Council decides on the passing or failing of the Licentiate thesis and on its grade based on the statements of the examiners and the professor in dissertation photonic crystal of the major subject.

A Licentiate thesis may be accepted with grade Approved or Approved with distinction. Before the thesis is assessed, the author must be provided with the opportunity to object to the statements. Students dissatisfied with the grading of their Licentiate thesis may appeal in writing to the Academic Appeals Board within 14 days of receiving the grading decision. Before the Faculty Council is to grade the thesis, the student concerned may request in writing that the grading be discontinued.

Bertram ludaescher dissertation

The grading process is then cancelled. The appointments shall be approved by the Dean of Graduate Dissertation sopftware and Research upon the recommendation of the head of the major department. The thesis supervisor s shall be appointed as early in the student's programme of studies as possible, consistent with the readiness of the student to elect the desired research topic and supervisor.

Normally this is done by the end of the first year of full-time study. The remainder of the committee will be appointed either at the same time or as soon after as possible.

The doctoral student will be required to pass a comprehensive examination, which may contain a number of both written and oral components. This examination is for the purpose of assessing a student's academic appreciation of the field of study and scholarly qualifications for the degree. The results of this examination determine whether or not the student will be permitted to continue in the programme.

It is normally held after all coursework requirements are completed at the end of the dissertation maker year and must be completed within 24 months of registration in the programme. An extension may be granted upon written request to the Graduate Studies Committee. The examination must be held at least one calendar year before the submission of the thesis. Under exceptional circumstances, and upon written request from the Head of the student's major department or programme, the Dean may waive the one-year minimum requirement.

The student must register in CP Comprehensive Examination until its completion and pay appropriate tuition fees while studying to prepare for the examination. The major department conducts the examination.

The examining committee shall be chaired by the head of the major department or delegate, and will normally consist of the student's supervisor s and other members of the major department, as appointed by the examining committee chair. The dissertation exam adopted for examination and evaluation, and the areas to be examined shall be specified by the major department. A thesis research proposal may form part of this examination.

The examining committee shall determine the result of the examination. If the result is not dissertation sebastian meinke, the examining committee may recommend dissertation sebastian grasreiner Faculty Council through the Graduate Studies Committee either that the examining dissertation exam reconvene at a later date to re-examine the student, or that the student be required to withdraw.

A copy is not required for an Independent Chair if you have one.

Qualifying Exam and Dissertation Guidelines

Contact us if you change your address. Regulations and code of practice The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes provides a framework of procedures and practices to support research degree candidates and their supervisors. Undergraduate study Find a course Open days and visits New undergraduate students.Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Electrical and Electronics Commons. Advanced Search. This repository is part of the Iowa Research Commons.

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Thesis and Dissertation : Graduate School

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